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MicroTest System (MTS) designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services a wide range of memory testing and handling equipment. Customers include memory manufacturers, test labs, component distributors, memory module assumbling houses, and OEM users of memory components. The founder of MTS has been in memory testing business for 17 years. He used to own two major memory tester companies and developed the configureable EDO memory tester, SDRAM tester up to 133 MHz, DDR-1 tester 400MHz. MTS has a strong engineering team, which can deliver the testing solution for the memory market.

MTS products are used to suppot the testing, quality control in most memory module houses and memory manufacturers worldwide. Testing capabilities include open/short component lead bond tests, functional tests, speed grade tests and DC/AC parametric tests. All these tests are the basic requirements in the memory production process to ensure the quality and performance of the released memory products.

MTS sells its products through a network of sales and representatives throughout the world. A comprehensive warranty and customer service department provide superior after sales support. By maintaining the good relationship with the customers, MTS can be in a better position to advance onto better quality and improved new products.
MTS was founded in 2004 to fill the need for low cost, easy to use, reliable test equipment for memory products. Within the last decade, the price of the memory product has been falling to a point that lots of memory companies were close-out business or move onto other business. The new memory technology even makes new investors hesitate to get into the memory business. MTS is offering the up-to-date testing technology at relative low cost for the memory manufacturers and module assembling houses.

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